LetterSchool can be used both at school as well as at home. For the school edition, there is a custom app available on the App Stores, ensuring it doesn’t have in-app purchases and respects the strictest privacy policies to protect you, your school, and your pupils.

LetterSchool for schools is available on Chromebook, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Which school font suits you best?

Picking relevant digital learning materials can be a hard job. The App Stores are full of ‘educational’ apps but only a few of them truly fit the curriculum taught at schools. Luckily, LetterSchool is one of them!

In LetterSchool you can find the school font styles that are practiced in schools in the US:

  1. Zaner-Bloser style
  2. Handwriting Without Tears style
  3. D’Nealian style

You can change the font style in the settings menu to make sure the pupils learn the right font!

Are you using a different language version of LetterSchool? We support other local fonts as well.


We try to make LetterSchool accessible and affordable for as many schools as possible. That’s why we’ve opted for a one-time fee only for schools.


  1. A single license of LetterSchool is available for $6.99 USD. This is a one-time fee only and it doesn’t come with returning costs.
  2. For iPad/iPhone, we offer an extra discount: If you buy 20 or more licenses (units), you’ll get a 50% discount on your total order. So if you buy 20 licenses, you’ll only pay for 10! This can be arranged via Apples Volume Purchasing Program. You can find it here.


More questions about our pricing? Contact us at support@letterschool.com

How to get LetterSchool on your school device?

So you decided that LetterSchool can be a great contributor to your class. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Here is how to set it up:


1.) Your schools iPad, tablet or Chromebook are most likely being managed with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. Schools use this with devices they distribute so they can effectively manage who uses and what gets used on the devices that they deploy throughout the organization.

2.) Most of the MDM’s are managed by the IT Department. You can contact them and inform them you would like to acquire a license for LetterSchool.

3.) The IT administrator can obtain the license and distribute LetterSchool to your school’s iPad with only a couple of clicks. It’s very simple!

4.) Now have fun with the kids and see how they enjoy playing and learning with LetterSchool.


Happy handwriting!

Privacy Policy

At LetterSchool, we are committed to protecting you and your pupils information. We want LetterSchool to be a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. We are fully compliant with GDPR (for the EU) and COPPA (for the US).

In our Privacy Policy, we’ll explain how we deal with your data in detail.

Read more about our privacy policy.