Free Printable Summer Activity

This is a perfect activity to complement your LetterSchool Numbers session.

Roll and count games are perfect for introducing numbers or practicing number sense. And this printable game is perfect for Preschool all the way through Kindergarten.

This is a super easy game to play. To start, have the child roll a dice. The number that the dice lands on is the number that the child will focus on first.

Have the child say the number, write the numerical symbol, the number word, and then place the correct number of counters on the space. Then, the child places the correspondent number of seashells on the beach. When this is complete, remove the dry erase marker and the counters and start again.

This game can also be used as accountability for an Addition lesson. Roll the dice two dices, use counters to find the answer, write the answer number and number word. The same can be done with subtraction.