About LetterSchool

LetterSchool was developed in 2011 with the idea to leverage new technology to teach children in an easy, fun and intuitive way. Today over 500,000 kids play and learn every month with LetterSchool and that is the reason why it is by now the world’s most chosen educational tool for families, therapists, and teachers for learning to write and spell.

LetterSchool is available in 11 languages and used at over than 5,000 schools.

What motivates us

LetterSchool’s mission is to teach the world to read, write, and spell, despite social, economic and language backgrounds. By creating access to state-of-the-art educational technology with a high fun factor, LetterSchool aims at making a level playing field – whether you’re from San Francisco, Amsterdam or Mumbai. We want the world to learn while playing, how cool is that!

Contact us

If you’d like more information about LetterSchool, have additional questions, or just want to tell us how great LetterSchool is, please email us at support@letterschool.org .

For Chromebook

For Chromebook related questions please contact us schools@letterschool.org .