About LetterSchool

At the start of its operations, LetterSchool aimed to be an after class tool, a way to help kids fixate what they’ve learned at school.

Because of its method and curriculum orientation, preschool and kindergarten teachers started to add the app to their lesson plans.
Soon, many online educators started positively reviewing the app.

So, the LetterSchool team decided to start an exclusive version for teachers and schools.
The version blossomed and LetterSchool for Schools is available in 11 languages and used at over 5.000 schools today.

Our Mission

Teacher with students playing LetterSchool

LetterSchool has one mission: to teach children worldwide how to read, write, and spell, regardless of their social, economic and language backgrounds. With 500.000 kids learning while playing LetterSchool, we believe we are on our way.  

Our office is headquartered in Amsterdam. But our users are based all over the world, mainly in the USA, Brazil and the Benelux region.

Once you do, you’ll have access to our complete platform that includes: a linguistic package of 11 languages, choice of the three most popular typefaces in handwriting education (Handwriting Without Tears, D’Nealian, and Zaner-Bloser), kids’ progress tracking and an extremely committed Customer Support.