LetterSchool for Schools:
The reading & writing app





Perfect for your school

LetterSchool allows kids to develop their linguistic skills and abilities through a stimulating and unique educational journey.
Our intuitive, engaging, and interactive platform creates the perfect blend of education and entertainment. Children retain what they learn quickly, thanks to our engaging graphics, sounds and visual effects.
LetterSchool is available in 11 different languages and is used in over 5,000 schools in the USA.


Reading and writing in a single app

Accurate letter sequence formation

Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and shapes

Manuscript & cursive handwriting styles

Development of fine motor skills

Second language at an early age, including Spanish, French and Japanese

Motivational feedbacks that keep children engaged in the activity


“Wow! LetterSchool is a colorful handwriting app that is going to capture your child’s attention in an instant. LetterSchool is one of the most engaging handwriting apps I have seen to date. I love all of the exciting animations and my children have been captivated.”

review by IPHONE MOM


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