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NAPPA Awards 2018

Noteworthy Application!

LetterSchool — Learn to Write! — a noteworthy application that must be installed on your device. This app is from a well-known team that specializes in entertainment and support applications. LetterSchool — Learn to Write! is installed every day by hundreds of users, and the number of confirmed installations, according to the latest data, is more than 2000000. And you can help the application become even more popular!
If you want to teach your child a letter in a casual game form, then you definitely should download the LetterSchool app. It is not by chance that it received a lot of positive feedback from parents and teachers.

★★★Reached the TOP 100 Chart of iTunes’ iPad Overall category in the USA.★★★

★★★Winner Tabby Awards Users’ Choice
Tabby Awards Users’ Choice

★★★Reached the TOP 10 Chart of iTunes’ iPad Education category in 40 countries.★★★

★★★Best Younger Children’s App 2013 – KAPi Award★★★
Collaboratively organized and produced by Living in Digital Times and Children’s Technology Review, the KAPi Kids at Play Awards honor “the best of the best” in children’s technology.
“Getting the most respected thought leaders in kids’ media to agree is no easy task, but this year it’s clear to see that we’ve identified 10 winning technologies and technologists that have kid’s best interest at heart,” said Robin Raskin, founder of Living in Digital Times.
KAPi Kids at Play AwardsReview

One of the “10 Great Apps for Kids Aged 0-4 of 2012”

One of “4 Wonderful Educational iPad Apps For Kids”
LetterSchool is the kind of app I wish I had around when I was younger. In three easy steps, it teaches kids how to write letters and numbers, using just the right gradient to make it super easy to learn. The process includes different amusing effects for each letter, which makes the whole process fun and interesting.

One of the “12 Favorite Little-Persons Apps of 2012”
There is no better letter-tracing app out there than Boreaal’s LetterSchool.

Pretty impressed…
I have tested out a few letter tracing apps and I give this one the award for the best so far.

Your Therapy Source

Recommended App for Therapy Environments
Letter formation with wonderful animations and repetition for reinforcement. It repeats the formation three times with decreasing support. This app can be set for Handwriting Without Tears, Zaner-Bloser, or D’Nealian.
AssistiveTechWorldPrintable list

Advanced Visual Effects
LetterSchool provides advanced visual effects and animations to take a new approach toward handwriting instruction, encouraging children in their writing skills with a wide range of games.

An Excellent App, Very Entertaining
LetterSchool is an excellent app for children who have problems learning their letters (both upper and lowercase) and numbers (this apps does one to ten). It is very entertaining, so it keeps your child’s attention. There are no in-app purchases. Boreaal does have a LetterSchool Lite. It is completely free, so download it and see how your child does with it. If it’s a winner, go and download LetterSchool.
Tutoring Autism

The animations and sounds are delightful
The beauty of it is, if they struggle to correctly draw a letter, subtle visual cues (like arrows and tracer lines) appear. If they continue to struggle, these cues gradually increase. As soon as all goes well (the child no longer needs the extra help), they disappear entirely.
Designer eLearning

App of the Week
David Lewis

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4 iPad Apps for Prek and Kindergarten
C. Bryant

Featured in iTunes’ “Education Collections” in different countries:
“Writing – Alphabet”
“Reading – Alphabet”
“Special Education – Literacy & Learning”

Editor’s Choice Award 2012
Learning to write letters and numerals will never be the same after a child tries LetterSchool on an iPad’s slippery screen. This single app from the Netherlands has raised the bar for all letter/numeral recognition apps.
Children’s Technology Review

Mentioned Twice in the New York Times
Dealing with some antsy kids? One solution is quality children’s apps. Not only are they perfect for rainy day fun, but they can extend your school’s curriculum into the vacation, a point you might not want to mention to your child. LetterSchool is a case study in how to enhance an age-old schoolhouse subject (handwriting) with the latest technology.
Warren Buckleitner, Gadgetwise

LetterSchool has won praise for its approach to teaching small children the alphabet.
Bob Tedeschi, App Smart


LetterSchool is a real favorite of the students!
iPads 4 Learning

This is the best app to learn to write that I have encountered so far.

No 1 of the “20 Mobile Apps For Learning Through Play”
TeachThought Staff

MAC&Toys Annual Holiday Recommendations 2012
My absolute favorite handwriting app out there. Offers 3 different settings, including Handwriting Without Tears. This game is motivating enough that it keeps ALL my kids interested and excited with handwriting.

I Absolutely Love this App!!!
This is definitely the most amazing writing app of individual letters I’ve seen yet. This app is perfect for special needs children with all the bright colors and repetitive motions that really help to get it to stick. I highly highly highly recommend this app for handwriting skills.
Welcome to Their World Apps

My Favorite Letter-Making Game
This is a great app, because it only allows kids to for the letters correctly, rather than just having them trace.
My Journey to Ithaca

One of the “20 Educational Games Perfect For Young Students”
LetterSchool is one of the best games that pack an educational punch!

Great Way to Learn – Complete Independence
This engaging app is a great way for children to learn about letters with complete independence. As the child is working through the letters and numbers they do not need to be done in consecutive order. This offers schools or parents the flexibility to work on and reward a letter of the week, which could be a great motivator!
Smarten Up

My students absolutely love it
I downloaded the lite version first and let my students try it. They absolutely love it. Even I look forward to see what the animation will be. So I decided to buy the full version. It only costs 3 dollars, which is about RM9, and I think it’s a good buy. I really believe that this is the new era of education and we must move forward and change our ways of teaching. This is definitely a really really fun way of learning how to write.
Tales of an Early Childhood Educator

One of “5 Best iPad Apps for Kids”

Absolutely perfect!
This app is absolutely perfect for parents wanting to teach their kids basic numeracy, literacy & handwriting skills! The content is presented in a fun, friendly, and approachable way that feels more like a game to the child than something educational. This balance definitely encourages kids and keeps them interested in a way that plain paper, a pen, and a list of math problems never could. This app has a great-looking interface. Writing like this is also a great way for kids to build their motor skills and coordination. The series of games are designed to make learning fun for kids, and the content is presented in a very visually-appealing way that will have kids wide-eyed and eager to keep playing. Feedback comments have generally been exceptional, with users commenting on how engaging and easy to learn the app is, and how it is a great way of motivating very young children to learn letters and numbers.

Platinum Nominee:
Best Mobile App of 2018 Awards

Best Mobile App of 2018 Awards

★★★★★ – App of the Week
This is educational technology as it should be! LetterSchool is a “best of the bunch” letter learning and handwriting app that will keep kids coming back for more. Which is, after all, the whole point. Subtle audio clues help kids learn the correct way to form letters (paying attention both to order and direction of lines). Simple animations boost the replay value. Teachers and occupational therapists will love the fact that they can designate lower or upper case letters (or numbers) as well as choose from three handwriting learning programs.

9.2 / 10!

This app is AWESOME for kindergarteners or any other kids who are learning letters, letter sounds, and numbers. The app allows students to see the correct formation of the letters and numbers, trace the letters and numbers in the correct formation, and then practice writing the letters and numbers independently. The graphics are bright and fun, which the kids absolutely love!

The program will interactively and tactically acquaint small gadget users with the letters of the alphabet of different languages of the world, numbers, forms, and learn to write and read the element written by them.

App Pearl

LetterSchool is a colorful handwriting app that is going to capture your child’s attention in an instant. LetterSchool is one of the most engaging handwriting apps I have seen to date. I love all of the exciting animations and my children have been captivated.

One of “12 Apps geniales para las mamás”
La aplicación es completamente adictiva, tan educativa como entretenida. Incluso mi pre-adolescente está cautivada con ella.
eHow en Español

The Most Interesting by Far!
We have tried a few letter formation apps and this one is the most interesting by far!
If You Give a Teacher an iPad

Simply One of our Favorites
This app is simply one of our favorites. Both Steve’s kids (ages 2 and 4) love this app and play it frequently. A must have in any collection of literacy apps because of the unique handwriting features.
Reading Resource

One of “Top 5 wonderful educational iPad apps for kids”
Equipped with the right apps, the iPad can become a treasure trove of learning experiences, disguised as fun games kids are dying to play.
iPhone Smartphone

Great for your OT iTool Kit!
The Letter School app is a fabulous, engaging app for letter and number formation, a favorite of many OT’s I know! This app is highly engaging for students and is well worth the cost for parents, teachers and therapists working with children learning letters and numbers and their formation. If you don’t have it and work with students on letters and numbers and their formation, check out Letter School app, you will love it!
OT’s with Apps

Rondargh’s Picks
A great app that allows for modelled, guided and independent upper case, lower case and number tracing. Highly engaging graphics and sound. A hit with my students.
Appolicious’ Curated Apps

Favorite apps for Kindergarteners
This is a great app for teaching a child how to draw letters. It’s so much fun that most kindergartners will last quite a while after they understand how it works. This is the best app for learning to trace letters. It’s amazing.

4 iPad Apps for Prek and Kindergarten
C. Bryant

Featured in iTunes’ category “Apps for Preschool & Kindergarten” in different countries.

Included in “iPad Apps for Kids” – part of the “For Dummies” serie of books
The author Jinny Gudmundsen, also writing for USA Today, says: “I wrote about only the very top.”

More Effective Than Any Penmanship Textbooks I’ve Ever Encountered
During the course of reporting this story, I downloaded dozens of apps and let my children test them out. They didn’t much care whether the apps were marketed as educational or not, as long as they were fun. Without my prompting, Gideon fixated on a game called LetterSchool, which teaches you how to write letters more effectively and with more imagination than any penmanship textbooks I’ve ever encountered.
Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic

Editor’s Choice 2012
LetterSchool is a great tool for teaching young children proper handwriting, but also can be fun for older kids who may need practice on their technique.

Best Way to Adres Letter Reversals
The best way to address the issue of reversals is to have children practice correct formation and to give them strategies for preventing themselves from writing the letters in reverse in the first place. Habitually repeating an error causes it to become well-established, just as habitually repeating a correct response causes it to become well established. Talk to your kids about how some letters are “tricky” and you have to think about them before you write them. Have your kids practice on an iPad or iPhone using an app like LetterSchool.
NSES Reading Blog

One of “10 Educational Apps We Love”
I cannot say enough good things about this app. It makes learning to write letters and numbers so much fun! My preschooler has so much fun with this app. I like that there are several different handwriting styles to choose from as well.
Homeschool Roundup

This application is great!
So creative and makes learning fun! It has certainly helped my son become more proficient in knowing and writing the alphabet. The kids love it! This app is right on track to help my son to be better prepared for Kindergarten.
Review by Kidz

LetterSchool is incredibly entertaining!

Very exciting stuff!
LetterSchool is the best out there for beginners -it really makes them want to learn and increases there overall knowledge! You can choose Zaner-Bloser, D’Nealian, and Handwriting Without Tears Style. What I love about this app the most is that it breaks each letter down into three steps. Scaffolding at its finest!
Learn With Leah

One of “10 Best Apps for the Elementary Student”
This app is great for learning the letters of the alphabet. It gives the student many opportunities to practice tracing the letter with guidelines and then the student will write the letter independently. The graphics are amazing and very captivating for students.
CandinClark, Appolicious

One of “12 Great Apps for Moms”
The application is a great way of keeping the kids entertained. And if you can give them a push towards the top in school, why not? “My children love to use LetterSchool to learn to write letters,” says Leister. “The application is completely addictive, as educational as it is entertaining. Even my pre-teen is captivated it.”

Our favorite toddler apps
This is a handwriting app, and I think it is the one that first cemented letter recognition for my son.
Jill’s Living Room

Demonstrated at iPad Learning Summit
Inman iPad Summit

Best Education Apps for Young Children
Simple, yet captivating! Parents and teachers rave about this app and the progress they see in their children’s letter recognition and writing skills. The app gives you a choice between the D’Nealian, Zander-Bloser, or Handwriting without Tears methods, meaning you can tailor your children’s after-school practice to match their school’s handwriting curriculum. An additional bonus: occupational therapists highly recommend this app for older children with Autism.
Club Mother

One of the “12 BEST Children’s Educational Apps of 2012”
LetterSchool, by Boreaal, got lots of accolades from just about everyone (including us!) for being a spectacular app for implementing and practicing fine motor skills, and for beginning the process of building a strong foundation for reading and math readiness skills. TWA wants to give this app a huge shout-out! Their slogan, LetterSchool Makes Handwriting Cool, is on their opening page… and, oh yes, this app makes everything cool! When we field-tested this app, we had to struggle to get our iPads back from the students. They kept insisting, “Just one more, PLEASE!”
Teachers With Apps

Educational value: ★★★★★
What we liked: The concept. Fun visuals. Ease of use. Extensive set of 3 letter words. 3 difficulty levels. Great for early learning practice (phonics, word and syllable formation and spelling).

Truly Impressive
The app sets a definitive bar for teaching young children to write letters and numbers, and with a wealth of incredibly detailed and gorgeous animations, it will even entertain the tikes, too.
It’s a truly impressive effort, and as this level of high-quality animation persists throughout the entire app, we can’t possibly recommend the graphics enough. Simply put, they’re divine.

Amazing App
LetterSchool was forwarded by our schools resource teacher and it is amazing for helping students learn to identify upper- and lowercase letters, their corresponding sounds and also numbers. It allows the kids to practise the proper writing formation for the letters and numbers as well. We use the Handwriting Without Tears setting as this is the program we use in class.
Mrs. K’s Kinder Korner

What a Fantastic Job these Developers Did!
A handwriting lesson the fun way! Extremely enticing for kids and filled with colors, stars and praise. Certainly this is an app that should be in all preschool and kindergarten classes! This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

Fantastic App
I’m delighted that we’ve finally found a letter tracing app that holds my daughter’s attention and encourages her to learn to write, all with a smile on her face. We’ve tried a few other letter tracing apps in the past, and LetterSchool is hands down the best one we’ve purchased. It not only has a reasonable price of just $2.99, there is also a Lite version available. Any child learning to recognize and write letters can benefit from this fantastic app.

Best App to Add to your Child’s Collection
LetterSchool is another best app to add to your child’s collection of letter and number writing experiences. A variety of animations keep the content fresh. The positive, motivational feedback encourages children and will keep them wanting to use this app!
Kinder Town

A Great App!
The amazing animation, incredible sound effects and ease of use made it easy for Noah to enjoy the app. When he had his first birthday, Noah always laughed and danced whenever we play LetterSchool. Now, five months later, he is able to trace some of the simple letters and numbers. I’m so proud of him and so thankful to the developers for creating LetterSchool.
Geeks With Juniors

A Very Cool iOS App!
Technology Tidbits

By far one of the BEST apps I have ever seen!!!
★ Pick of the Day!!! ★
This is by far one of the BEST letter writing applications I have ever seen!!! I will go so far as to say Occupational Therapist Approved!!!! It offers visually stimulating, interactive letter writing with excellent and accurate letter sequence formation plans! It prevents you from making formation errors, reinforces your successes and gives you help automatically when you need it! It allows you to pick Zaner Bloser, D’Nealian or Handwriting Without Tears style writing for uppercase & lowercase letters and numbers! Wow just Wow. I’m soooo impressed!! Get it now I guarantee you WON’T be disappointed!!!!! Enjoy!!
Child’s Play Clinic

Featured Apps of the Month!
The Top Shelf

★ Home App for Struggeling Learners
★ App for OT’s/PT’s
iPads in Class

Super responsive interface & sounds
LetterSchool is a fun game to help kids with the first steps of writing the letters of the alphabet. Simple and highly responsive, the interface gets the player straight into the task of learning how each letter is formed. Using visually rich graphics like trains on tracks, light bulbs, and blossoming flowers, LetterSchool brings loads of audio visual stimulus to the party, enabling kids to experiment with writing in a fun and vibrant way.

Why we love it:
– Super responsive interface and sounds to guide the player.
– Simple game mechanics designed for a young audience.
– Beautiful, young-player friendly visuals.
Games with Purpose

Editor’s Favorite 2012
Great concept, overall look and feel, simple operation and navigation, types of activities, great educational value.
Appy Smarts

Top Pick – ★★★★½
A very well-done letter-writing app with tons of energy and even some phonics and counting mixed in. Highly recommended.
Smart Apps for Kids

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The Best Preschool Learning App of 2012!
What makes LetterSchool unique is that its 100% intuitive. You don’t need to teach your child how to use it at all! When a user is ready to take on a new challenge, the app knows. Similarly, if a user is struggling at a certain level, the app adjusts down and gives hints until the user figures it out. Kids stay engaged despite the “learning” factor because the app is engaging, energetic and fun.
I am a mess

App of the Week
Ease of use: 9/10
Educational: 10/10
Entertaining: 10/10
Content includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers from 1-10 in D’Nealian (used in many US schools), HWT (Handwriting Without Tears) and Zaner-Bloser.
Top Kids Apps

LetterSchool does a great job of teaching letter writing with a three-step process: learn the starting points for each stroke, trace the letter, and write the letter without hints.
Common Sense Media

Best Educational Preschool Apps
An engaging letter writing practice app! LetterSchool is so simple, but so much fun. It would be a great addition to your home or classroom. Help your child get in the habit of writing letters the correct way with this app. LetterSchool forces them to really work hard while working on hand-eye coordination. Superb graphics, unique colors, crazy caterpillars, and sounds praise your child as they learn to write letters and numbers!
Coyne’s Crazy Fun Classroom

Great Apps on the I-Pad to help with Literacy and Numeracy!
Aspendale Gardens Primary School

I recommend LetterSchool
The repeated practice of each letter/number is great for working on the motor memory component that often is an important part of developing correct letter and number formations. LetterSchool is an appropriate app for my students. Not only does it incorporate the obvious, letter and number formation, but it also incorporates letter-sound correspondence, number sense, fine motor development, and visual motor development. For $2.99 USD, this app is very well priced for the activities and the versatility of the app.
Teaching with Technology

I am totally loving LetterSchool
This is probably Lydia’s most favorite app right now. Before this app, we tried several handwriting and tracing apps, but all of them were flops. This one has the child do the letter three times in different ways that focuses on strokes without being frustrating. And it lets you pick which handwriting font you want it to teach! It is programed with Handwriting Without Tears, D’Nealian, and Zaner-Bloser fonts. Lydia’s handwriting has drastically improved in the month or so that we’ve been using this app. Lydia spent a few hours playing this game last week, and the whole time she practiced fine motor control and correct letter construction. It was great.
Abbey Road Preschool – April– May

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