LetterSchool will launch a Japanese version this May 2018! How cool!

By: Shewska Verberne
May 7, 2018








LetterSchool is committed to becoming the world’s number one educational application to teach children how to write and read. Their motivation to become an educational institution has inspired this company to create their application in different languages and improve its accessibility for everyone. The original Dutch handwriting app is going to Japan with a Japanese version that will be launched this May 2018.

LetterSchool will follow the educational program in Japan for children in first grade. This version offers first 80 Kanjis and will add every month new Kanji’s which will make a total of 2000+ characters for consumers who download the application.

As learning Japanese can be quite challenging for kids due to its complexity and high amount of writing characters, the goal of this Japanese version is to facilitate their learning process by offering Kanji’s, Hiragana, and Katagana in just one app. This will not only make LetterSchool the first Japanese handwriting app for kids with all of the three writing characters together, but it also strengths their market leader position as the handwriting app with the most linguistic versions.

LetterSchool is available at the moment in 10 languages and has been used by thousands of schools in the U.S. With a team of educated and inspired people who believe in the importance of education at a young age, LetterSchool is working directly and indirectly with teachers, social workers, and pedagogic professionals by receiving everyday feedback and implementing this within their product development.

‘’ We are grateful for the support we receive every day from teachers, schools, and OTs, their feedback is important for us as they are educators evaluating LetterSchool every day. We believe that together with parents and educators we can support the essentials of children’s development starting with their handwriting’’. – Sjoerd Huitema, Co-owner of LetterSchool.

According to Sjoerd, the growth of LetterSchool is a combination of their focus to designing applications accordingly to the local rules and guidelines with the collaboration of educational consultants and professionals. LetterSchool is an open book, they believe in the importance of a strong relationship with consumers and partners for one main purpose; to teach preschoolers to learn correct handwriting in their mother tongue and to learn additional languages.

‘’We want our consumers to remember that, behind every message, email or post, there is a person that really supports education and is passionate about it’’. – Kosma Hess, Growth Marketer.

By providing a fun and intuitive learning experience, LetterSchool is on its mission to teach in every possible language every child to read and write, despite social, economic and demographic background.

Therefore, they share the contentment of having the opportunity to enter the Japanese market this year.



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