Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, or even a friend of someone expecting to have children, the concept of learning the full alphabet, followed up learning how to read and write seems to be inevitable for everyone. It’s not a snobbery to let the children be literate. It’s the essentials needed for your kid to be able to participate in this world. Think of all the times when you would find yourself challenged if you were unable to read: signing a job contract, checking your correspondence, texting your friend, reading this article…

Despite progress made in the past century, the illiteracy problems persist. It is estimated that 15% of the world is still illiterate. This makes up to 750 million people around the world. Only in the US, one in four children finishes their school with ‘below average’ writing and reading abilities.

Luckily, technological progress and development around the world is a game-changing factor in fighting and overcoming illiteracy issues. Nearly 90% of American citizens are claimed to own a smartphone. Same goes for about 45% people worldwide. It’s more important than ever before to leverage the knowledge and awareness of this issue onto today’s digital landscape. Especially because in many rural areas around the world, kids who are not given a chance to go to school, still have active access to mobile devices.

Today’s children are our tomorrow’s leaders. At LetterSchool, we believe that every child around the world should be given an opportunity to learn to write and read, despite their social, demographic or economic background. Although technological limitations obviously exist, we want to use currently existing means to improve the literacy rate of today’s world and make sure that kids can learn how to write and read in a simple, yet effective way – a fun way!

Currently, we are doing this by offering our ‘Learn to Write!‘ app in the US and its equivalent linguistic version in 10 other languages. Just recently we have created the Japanese edition!

But our educational adventure doesn’t end here. After months of research, preparations, and designing, we have developed the new product to include in the portfolio of our literacy apps: the newest spelling app for children to learn to spell and read the words!


LetterSchool – Spelling Words!” is the new game for kids to take learning to a new level. We just started with the English version (but more will follow, so that children around the world can have a chance to combine education with fun and improve their spelling skills). This is how LetterSchool helps and contributes to decreasing illiteracy rate and helps educate the children in a fun, interactive way!

“Spelling Words!” is now available on Apple and Android! Check it out: